Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

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The trick to making a small apartment or room feel bigger is playing with three elements – movement, scale and light. The eye needs to perceive more space and this can be achieved using these elements in the following ways;

1) Go for the Gap

To create a sense of space, leave a bit of space between the sides of the wall and the furniture.




2) Show a little leg

Furniture which is streamlined allows air and light to flow not just over it, but also around and under it. It helps create the illusion of space while allowing openness and movement.



3) Putting up mirrors on the wall

Mirrors help create a lot of space as they not only reflect the light, but they also reflect the view tricking the eye and making it perceive more space.



4) Ditching the drapes

Curtains block the outside view, create a distraction and eliminate the space. Ditching the curtains/blinds creates a sense of space. Note: this may not be possible in all rooms due to a lack of privacy.



5) White it out.

White paint is known for its reflective property and it makes the room look light, calm, serene and airy. It also blurs the boundary between the ceiling and the wall making the ceiling look a lot higher.



6) Emphasise the vertical.

Utilising one piece that highlights the vertical space in a room makes the ceiling appear higher, visually enhancing the space within the room.



7) Emphasizing the horizontal.

Similar to vertical space, horizontal space too needs to be emphasised.



8) Clearing the pathway.

Ensure the flow of the room is not interrupted by clutter and loose items that are not part of the furniture or dΓ©cor.



9) Using breezy fabrics.

Opt for a lightweight material (ideally white) to create a sense of airiness inside the room.


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