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Let me guess why you’re here. Your daily meals involve pressing that button on the microwave or dropping two-minute noodles in boiling water. That’s ok… You are most likely a young professional or entrepreneur who’s more dedicated to working long hours on the job then you are to trying to be the next Gordan Ramsey. Or perhaps it’s because the weekend is approaching and you want to impress that special someone without having to max out your credit cards at expensive restaurants.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter because you’re in the right spot now. With our regular recipes and tips, pretty soon your friends will be booking a table at yours every Saturday night.

I know what you’re thinking, anyone can cook a steak! But the thing is not everyone can cook that perfectly tender, juicy steak that you pay big dollars for at restaurants.

First things first, before you start doing anything, the perfect steak can only be perfected by choosing the best quality and cut of meat. I’m not going bore you with the different types of cattle breeds and cuts available on the market today, but rather I’ll just list the essentials you need to know when buying your meat.

  • Flatiron steak/oyster blade steak. The cheapest cut I would recommend, full of flavor but is little bit tough.
  • Rump steak. Cheap cut, good flavor, lean meat meaning not very tender.
  • Sirloin Steak/Porterhouse. The steak I used and would recommend, mid-priced, good flavour, tender, good all round steak.
  • Scotch steak/Rib fillet. Top priced steak, high amount of fat/marbling (which is good), tender and very juicy.
  • Tenderloin Steak/Eye fillet. Most expensive, super tender, thick steak (which can make hard to cook.) crowd favourite.

If you’re really looking to impress and you have the money to spend try finding wagyu steaks. Wagyu steaks have super high fat and marbling which makes them the Roles Royce of meat.

Before you start cooking its important to get all your ingredients together. As good as the quality of the meat may be, you don’t want to be just eating a steak by itself. Mix up exotic mushrooms, grill some from vine tomatoes and serve a simply dressed rocket salad on the side.

perfect steak 1

I can’t stress how important it is not to cook a steak that is cold straight from the fridge. Make sure you leave it out at least 15 minutes before cooking, obviously don’t leave the meat out for me then 1 hour. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly if you cook the steak when it’s cold, the heat won’t be able to penetrate through the whole steak evenly resulting in an unevenly cooked steak instead of a beautifully pink, blushing steak. Secondly when the fat on the steak is at room temperature it will render and caramelize 10x better.

perfect steak 2

Next step is to start heating your fry pan (If you have the luxury of having a griddle pan, use that) you want to get the frying pan nice and hot. Time to season the steak, the difference between an average steak and an outstanding steak is the seasoning. Please do not use table salt! Table salt shouldn’t even be in your cupboard, do yourself a favour and buy yourself some good quality salt flakes.

Make sure you season your steak just before your about to cook it or the salt will draw all the moisture out of the steak. Season the steak heavily with salt and pepper on both sides (pepper is optional, but not essential.) Drizzle a little olive oil on the steak and give a good pat.

At this point your steak should have just gone into the pan and sizzling away. You are looking for a nice caramelisation on the steak, so don’t touch it and let it do its thing for about 5 minutes. In the meantime if you’re trying to impress or if you just like a sauce with your steak, this killer dressing is a winner. All you need is;

  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 chilli, deseeded
  • Handful of basil
  • ½ lemon juiced
  • Pinch of salt
  • 100ml olive oil

Put all the dry ingredients in a mortar and pestle and bash until fine. Add lemon juice and olive oil to combine. Set aside till later. (If you don’t have a mortar and pestle you can just use a food processor.)

perfect steak 3

perfect steak 4

Five minutes has passed and you have just finished marking your sauce. At this point the steak should be nice and caramelised and ready to flip. Once the steak is flipped it will only need about another 2 minutes.

Unless you are a chef who cooks 100 steaks a day you won’t know how it’s cooked just by touching it. So the best way to tell how your steak is cooked is a soon as you see blood coming through the top of the steak you know to take it off. This will result in a perfect pink blushing steak. If you like your steak well done then I have nothing more to say and you should just close the page now..

A little tip – cook the mushrooms and grill the tomatoes at the same time as the steak is cooking. That way you only need to use the one pan and everything will be cooked at the same time.

perfect steak 5

The last major point and one of the most important is letting your steak rest. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes minimum. When you cook the steak it seizes up from the extreme heat and all the juices are trapped in the middle of the steak. When you let it rest, the meat has time to relax and the juices spread evenly though out the steak, which is how you achieve the juicy pink blushing you want in the perfect steak.

One last little tip when slicing the steak is to make sure that when you slice the steak that you are slicing against the grains in the steak. If you cut with the grains of the steak, it will be like chewing rubber.

perfect steak 7

Its time to plate, at this point everything is cooked and the steak is sliced. All that’s left is to simply dress your rocket leaves with a dressing of choice. Serve everything arranged on a large chopping board, it presents well and if you are sharing its perfect to put in the middle of the table. Drizzle your homemade sauce on top of the steak and you’re done.

Time to enjoy the perfect steak!

perfect steak 8



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