Architecture & Design Trends for this year

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Technology advances and an increasing appreciation to artistic flare has led to some quite incredible architectural and design trends for 2016 and beyond. We’ve done our research and put together a list of some of these trends to shed some light on the future of urban design.

1. Hypnotic Bridges

This architecture is something from the future which consists of three individual swirling lanes which hover over the beautiful landscape of Changsha.

arch 1

NEXT Architects


2. Rotating Skyscrapers

This 80 storied skyscraper was designed in such a way that all the floors rotate in 360 degrees in a span of 90 minutes. This building would be equipped with giant wind turbines that help in the generation of electricity for its residents.

arch 2

3. Indoor Parks

In November 2013, Strelka Institute announced an international competition whereby the winner would get to design the public park of Moscow. This park will showcase four typologies like tundra, steppe, forest & wetland, with integrated augmented micro climate which would feature regulated temperatures, stimulated daylight and controlled wind to allow people to enjoy 24/7 year round pleasure of the park pleasure.

arch 3

Diller Scofidio + Renfro with Hargreaves Associates and Citymakers


4. Larger Windows

Large sliding glass windows/ doors are something which allow the indoor space to blend and expand into the outer space completely merging the two spaces, so as to create an undisturbed large space with unobstructed view.

arch 4

Andrew Progue

5. Green Power Plants

Green power plant is something which is thought of which will serve two functions- one of beautifying the power plant structure and the other of dealing with the CO2 emissions. According to AZPA, the existing Wedel Vattenfall power plants of Germany can be converted into new industrial complexes, whereby the plant facility will be wrapped up in a skin of creeper plants which would help soften the exterior aesthetic and also help in the absorbtion of CO2 gases.

arch 5




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