Oliver Rousteing

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Known for his selfies with the stars and the 3.1million Instagram followers, Oliver Rousteing is the youngest fashion house creative director in history in Paris after Yves Saint Laurent. According to the designer, this is the result of hard work, believing in himself and his love for fashion.


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Being adopted and raised in Bordeaux by white parents, his parents saw Oliver as a successful international lawyer but Rousteing had other dreams. He left law school after one month and started pursuing his fashion career, having transferred to the school of design. However, it didn’t meet young man’s expectations. He felt they knew nothing about the real fashion he dreamed of, so, Rousteing kept on moving further: Rome became his new home at the age of 18 and brought him the internship at one of the famous couture houses.

The next achievement of his was the internship he was offered at Roberto Cavalli’s in Milan. He worked as a go-go dancer at night for money and spent weekends in Rome. After five years at Cavalli, where he grew from the position of assistant to a designer, he joined Balmain in 2009. It seemed that he finally found the place that suited his fashion tastes and ambitions perfectly. There he continued to work his way up, and in 2011, after Christophe Decarnin, a creative director of Balmain at that time, allegedly had a nervous breakdown, Rousteing was assigned to his place at the age of 25. Nobody in the fashion world expected that the vision of 25-year old Rousteing would bring such a groundbreaking success to the fashion house, but Rousteing was confident and had the raw talent to do just that.

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What makes the young designer’s work at Balmain distinctive is not only his signature designs that made Balmain clothes even more distinguishable and saleable, but also the formation of the Balmain Army, which consists of the famous women like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jordan Dunn and others, who share traits defining for a Balmain girl: they are strong, empowering, self-sufficient, and able to make the world different. They became part of his and Balmain’s family, which he gladly shares on Instagram. It turns out to be a win-win both for him and for the fashion brand.

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‘When you are just existing, life happens to you and you manage; when you’re truly living, you happen to life and you lead’.

You can definitely say this about the life of one of the most famous and glamorous fashion designers of our day, who decided to lead when he switched from legal studies to the world of fashion; when he chose to make his own decisions, which took Balmain to the brand new level and saved the company from bankruptcy; when he started to freely share his personal life on Instagram unlike his brothers in trade, who kept their privacy. He communicates with his audience and values what they have to say. Rousteing has been true to himself since day one and never settled for anything less than his true desires. That’s where the secret of his career and life success lies.




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