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Looking for promising brands worldwide, one should come across the highly dedicated Joel Wade in Brisbane, an inspiring men’s accessories business that is managing to create a new trend balancing harmonically vintage with new trends through an architectural standpoint, i.e. a quite unusual and surprisingly fashionable approach to accessories’ design.

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While there are now many brands offering men’s accessories worldwide, Joel Wade has become quite noticeable lately with its focus on bold patterns and a new perspective on things that were previously neglected as a means to end up in developing signature products for middle and upper class. In this respect, unexpected materials are used to create elegance through understated style for both the classic and the modern man.

Joel Wade, as they state, have a modern architectural design philosophy where items are crafted using both traditional and innovative techniques that utilize precious and semi-precious metals and stones. As such the idea is to elicit inspiration and class for men through materials that are being used under a totally different perspective.

Our attention was grabbed by the distinguished industrial look introduced to many of its accessories; perspective cufflinks, for example, daringly combine premium stainless steel, as the vintage and solid ground, together with black PVD plating, as the modern essence. Silk knots are also significantly promoted by the brand as the innovative alternative to traditional cufflinks. Joel Wade, moreover, provides some quite astonishing designs of ties, bow ties, pins and pocket squares.

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Luxurious materials are frequently used when in necessity to highlight the incorporation of premium products into signature designs. In this respect, premium Italian silk is highly used in pocket squares; Joel Wade recognizes the essence of luxury as the major mechanism to discreetly impress using fine finishes that define style’s epitome.

Considering the above and considering that Joel Wade manages to stand out in the field coming from a location that hasn’t got a long established tradition in it, we shouldn’t be surprised that the company has managed to establish some sound cooperations with Australia’s major stockists and has become an official wardrobe supplier  in major Australian shown and events. Family Feud, AFL Footy Show and Network 10’s; The Project have relied on the company for men’s accessories that make a difference.

The brand seems to be having a great future ahead of it where elegant designs and special craftsmanship establish a contemporaneous business status for man that distinguishes him in social terms. We shall be closely watching the particular venture; they are constantly innovating having all the credentials to be considered pioneers in the men’s accessories field. Visit their website at:

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