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Whether you’re travelling interstate to pitch your idea to potential investors or take your girl on a quick getaway you can still travel like a boss while saving your pennies for your next business venture. Follow our tips to get the most out of your leisure or business travel.

1.) Value time as it is the most valued commodity

Time is the most valued commodity. Time spent at the airport waiting for a flight should be spent well. Therefore it is worth investing in membership to the business lounge or paying for a one-off visit. Not only can you and your partner enjoy complimentary food and drinks, but you can take advantage of a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in which you can start your holiday in a relaxed state or work on your next big business deal.

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2.) Use a car service

A lot of people believe that using a luxury car service for airport transfers is too expensive. Believe it or not, but an airport transfer form a service such as is either the same price, or cheaper than using a taxi or UBER. You receive the benefit of a courteous driver that meets you at baggage claim, carries your luggage, and you’ll get to your destination in style. You’ll also avoid a 30minute wait in the taxi line!

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 3.) Look at vacation rentals & not the hotels.

It is always better to look for vacation rentals than hotels because it is not only a cheaper option, but whole lot better. If you’re sharing with friends or family, it becomes a whole lot cheaper still.

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4.) Save on the upfront cost of the trip.

If you prefer hotels or don’t have access to a holiday home in your desired destination, make sure you take advantage of advanced booking rates that most hotels offer.

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5.) Travel to those places where ones currency works the hardest

Simply holiday in countries where their currency gives the most bang for every buck spent.

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