Top 5 TED talks for Entrepreneurs

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TED talks contain one of the most educational content available online which is not just informative, but also inspiring. We’ve put together our top 5 favourite TE talk suited to entrepreneurs.

1. Shawn Achor’s the happy secret to do better work

Psychologist Shawn Achor doubled up as a comedian while giving this TED talk, where he mentioned how the lens through which the human brain views the world, shapes up their reality. What he conveyed through this talk was, if we change the lens through which we view the world, we can practically change every outcome, be it education or business.

ted 1

2. Julie Burstein’s four lessons in creativity

In this TED talk, Julie Burstein who happens to be a radio host & a book author interviews several remarkably talented & intelligent people who found out that creativity only grows when attention is given to the details of the world, when one learns from challenges and when one pushes against the limits of oneself and one is in accepts loss and embraces it, with the motto of learning a lesson out of it.

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3. Susan Cain’s the power of the introverts

In this ted talk, Susan Cain who happens to be a lecturer, an author and a self-described introvert talks about how powerful introverts can be who occupy around one-half of the world. In this talk, he criticizes the existing system of education and business, which he feels is meant for the extroverts, and despite all these challenges how introverts emerge victorious.

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4. Amy Cuddy’s how the body language of one shapes up the personality

In this TED talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy talks about how body language changes the way one behaves. Just like smiling for no reason uplifts the mood, taking a powerful physical stance can make one feel absolutely powerful.

ted 4

5. Margaret Heffernan’s dare to disagree

In this talk, book author, serial entrepreneur & fellow Inc. columnist argues against the conflict avoidance & echo chambers. For constructive conflict one needs to resist the neurobiological drive whereby individuals prefer individuals like themselves.

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