How to survive a trip to IKEA

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Without doubt IKEA is one of the best resources when it comes to stylish and affordable furnishings for one’s house. But, due to the popularity of the store, it can feel like an annoyance more than convenience while buying something from the Swedish retail store. Please make use of our survival guide below;

1. Pre plan the trip.Β 

One can check the website to see the products on offer, make a list of it and plan the shopping trip to IKEA accordingly. The website also lists the store inventory so you know if your products are available or not.


2. Skip the showroom.

If you’ve prepared a shopping list and you don’t need any inspiration, then one can skip the showroom completely and save yourself a 10km walk. Most of the items you’re after will be found in the self-service warehouse located on the ground floor.

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3. Use the exit.

Most popular items, like kitchenware, art work, lighting, storage containers, etc. are not available in the warehouse but are only available in the showrooms. For immediate access to this section simply enter through the exit and you will avoid traversing the entire showroom.

Dont forget to grab one of those $1 hot dogs on your way out, that’s why you came in the first place remember.




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