Avoiding the Flu this Winter

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Winter is a season when people usually suffer from flu and colds, especially those with heavy workloads and stress. The flu equals less productivity, which is not good! The following are a few ways you can have a fighting chance at avoiding the flu this winter and keep your productivity soaring.

1. Washing hands frequently: Germs can get transferred through physical contact between people. When people sneeze, the germs get transferred on all the objects nearby. When people touch those objects, the germs are transferred to the hands causing the infection. Washing hands & drying them on a disposable hand towel can help  keep those germs away.

2. Watching the weather: Dull, cloudy & misty conditions cause an increase in the germs. Also, viruses survive better in moist weather as they tend to thrive in these conditions.

3. Taking vitamins & probiotics: Taking multivitamins & probiotics is important during the winters because it builds up the immune system and they help better the health. Try Swisse Men’s Ultivite Tablets 

4. Sleeping soundly: Lack of sleep tends to make us more prone to infections as the body cannot recover well from the daily wear and tear. Aim for approx. 7 hours of quality sleep at night to properly recharge the body and mind.

5. Drinking plenty of water: Aim for at least 2-3 Litres of water every day to stay healthy. With proper hydration, the kidneys function properly making it flush out the toxins which accumulate in the body.





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