Using your FF Points

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Make use of our tips below to make the most of the frequent flyer points.



1.) Concentrate on efforts to maximize the gains out of one club and not jump to multiple clubs (i.e. stick to either Qantas or Virgin). With all the alliances now in place, you can usually score points on partner airlines as well.

2.) Get a FF credit card which helps the user earn points for every dollar spent. In fact cards also have an enrolment bonus which can help the user earn up to 60,000 points (hello overseas trip!), provided the user reaches a predetermined spend within the first few months of purchase.

3.) Pool the family spending on flights and credit cards into one pot, so that points can get accumulated faster.

4.) If you do not have enough points for a free flight, they can also contribute to flight upgrades, hotel bookings, or car hire instead.

5.) Avoid spending points on shorter flights where fares are typically kept low thanks to the immense competition. Rather spend points on longer flights where the points will actually help you save money.






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