10 Must-have Health and Fitness Apps

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With the rising health consciousness amongst people, fitness and health apps are on the rise. It is difficult to choose the right set of apps from amongst the millions of apps available.  So we’ve put together what we believe to be the top 10 health and fitness apps one must have.


1. Cody

Think Facebook for fitness enthusiasts. This app offers users connections to the fitness community where people can share & complete workouts with the help of followers and friends. Also, people can track their own progress with the help of a timeline which can be liked and commented upon by other users

Cost: Available on IOS for free.

2. Hot5 Fitness

Hot5 Fitness offers step-by-step workouts through the help of top trainers in the industry. From core exercises to yoga (broga), this app contains pages of 5 minute workout videos of different varieties and difficulty levels.

Cost: Available on IOS for free for some limited use. For unlimited use, users need to pay 2.99/ month



3. Pact

In this app, users have to pledge some amount of money along with the number of days they wish to workout. Users pay, if they miss the workout during the pledged days, and earn, if they complete the workout.

Cost: Available on IOS and Android for free.

4. Carrot Fit

This app, which is kind of a hard taskmaster, is quite a judgmental weight tracking app which dishes out criticisms for those wanting to lose weight. This app contains motivational smack talks & thick sarcasm where users learn a new workout only when they lose weight.

Cost: Available on IOS and Android for $2.99.



5. Human

This app offers a casual method to exercises where you are encouraged to do a 30 minute workout which might be anything that interests the user-be it dancing, running, etc. This app will track the movement and lets the user know when he/she has achieved the goal.

Cost: Available on IOS for free.

6. Moves

This app serves as a pedometer tracking one’s day minute by minute giving info about all the movements, steps, pedals and stairs. It calculates the number of calories burned while presenting it in a simple way to read.

Cost: Available on IOS for free.



7. LoseIt

This app creates a weight loss program for the user such that it works as a personal trainer/nutritionist. All the user needs to do is to insert the health goals and you’re set!

Cost: Available on IOS, Nook, kindle and Android for free.

8. NoomCoach

Noom offers the advantage of a pedometer and a nutritionist all in one app. All the user needs to do is to enter the intake daily while the app calculates the user movement minute by minute. This app also sends wellness articles to make sure you keep motivated!

Cost: Available on IOS and Android for free.



9. Healthy Out

This app is the one for those who enjoy their night life, but also wish to stay healthy. This app gives out details of healthy options at your favourite restaurants.

Cost: Available on IOS and Android for free.

10. Zipongo

This app alerts users on the digital coupons & store items on sale such that users can eat healthy food while on a budget all the time.

Cost: Available on IOS and Android for free.




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